On link whores

Time and again, we receive emails asking if we can put up a link back to their sites in exchange for a fee.

Some bloggers would refer to them as link whores. A link whore is one who solicits links to his blog regularly or seems/is desperate to receive links to his blog.

A link whore does not only entail paying for the link. Here are other symptoms that you are a link whore according to a prominent link building expert:

• Do you have social bookmark accounts just to post client’s URLs?

• Have you ever commented on a blog post just because you wanted to leave a URL behind with it?

• Have you bought one-way links from sites that have nothing to do with your site but do have a high pagerank?

• Have you used trackbacks just for the link?

• Do you have a reciprocal links page that you only created so the engines might give you credit for it?

• Have you gone back to existing links and changed the anchor text just to look nice for the bots?

• Do you send out press releases every week about absolutely nothing just so you can fill them with so many deep links they look like site maps?

Managing 901am entails putting up compelling content every day and making sure that we continue to attract sponsors. Accepting fees in exchange for a link is not an option yet, and may never be. If you have a compelling site, we will find you. Otherwise, no matter what sleazy link-whoring tactics you undertake, we have to pass on you.

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