affiliate sales increased by 300%

perfectmatch affiliate sales increased by 300%Affiliate marketers will surely love this good news! Online dating and relationship site incorporated Commission Junction‘s CJ Associate affiliate service into its integrated marketing efforts to cost effectively build its brand and continue to improve its customer acquisition efficiencies.

This resulted to an impressive 300% jump in affiliate sales in the past 18 months with even greater upside for next 12-24 months.

“Commission Junction has also delivered a truly integrated marketing approach by leveraging our extensive offline movie and TV initiatives to drive the most traffic to our Web site. With the assistance of Commission Junction and the building of our brand over the past two years, our affiliate program revenue has increased by 300% since implementation of CJ Associate in December 2005,” said Perfectmatch Founder/Chief Executive Officer Duane Dahl.

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  1. I used to make quite good money from affiliate dating websites, but there’s been such an explosion in the past couple of years that the choices have vastly watered down income earned from these projects. Affiliate commissions have gone from dollars and cents to nickels and dimes and I’m pretty good at prompting products to the virtual world.

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