expands service to include electronics

secondrotation expands service to include electronicsSecondRotation announced that it has expanded its service to recycle electronics that hold little or no market value. Since its launch, consumers have called on SecondRotation to get cash for their cell phones, digital cameras, Apple laptops and other gear. Now they can turn to Second Rotation to recycle older products, keeping even more unwanted electronics out of landfills.

“Since day one we’ve had great success focusing on buying people’s unwanted gadgets and putting them into the hands of someone who still values them,” said Rousseau Aurelien, CEO of SecondRotation. “The same users that sold us their old gear have asked for our help in keeping even more materials out of landfills via the second of the environmental triad and we’ve listened. We’re truly excited to offer a service that further extends people’s ability to live a green lifestyle.”

On a daily basis, SecondRotation sifts through millions of online sales transactions for pre-owned gadgets to determine product values, and to identify products that are recyclable. Once a consumer identifies their recyclable product on, they can ship it for free in a box with another product they are looking to sell, or pay to ship it on their own. With the addition of recyclable products, SecondRotation now tracks over 6,000 electronic products that it helps to keep out of landfills.

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