Splashpress Media acquires 901am.com

We are pleased to announced that Splashpress Media has acquired 901am.com. We remain committed in bringing new media news throughout the day. We are currently working on moving the site to a new server. Thank you for your patience.

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  1. [...] this light, Splashpress have asked me to release the following statement-: In the aftermath of the 901am.com sale, Splashpress would like to take the opportunity to thank David Krug for the marvellous job he did [...]

  2. [...] never really left, it just got sold, redesigned and then redesigned again. My first posts will appear tomorrow if all goes [...]

  3. [...] to Blogging Pro for this; here’s the announcement from 901AM itself. J. Angelo Racoma also wrote about it at Blog Herald, and wishes David Krug a [...]

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