Technorati prepares Digg clone, WTF?

technorati Technorati prepares Digg clone, WTF?It appears that Technorati is getting ready to launch a Digg clone called WTF. Steve Rubel has screenshots, and tells us that WTF stands for Where’s The Fire, which I sincerely hope (but doubt) is a project name.

Apparently the WTF service was available for a short period of time yesterday, but displays a 404 now. Exciting!

So why? I don’t know. Why would a link tracking service like Technorati want to add direct user integration like this, and how will it complement the links from blogs on various stories? Time will tell, I guess, to say it’s a bit sketchy at the moment is a gross understatement.

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  1. WTF screams marketing ploy.

    Why not go all the way and call it what it is? It’s like trying to make people think of something else when they hear “P, B, & J.”

    Am I the only one who thinks this is semi lame?

  2. Yeah I really wish they would get their core service fixed before trying to do something new.

  3. Perhaps this is why when I tried to visit Technorati last night the site wasn’t loading and was giving me an error instead.

  4. And the site is dead already. Wow, didn’t know Digg had Ninjas.


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