Veria brings natural wellness online

veria Veria brings natural wellness online Veria, a company dedicated to bringing natural wellness to the mainstream, is launching its online wellness portal to become the the first of its multi-integrated tiers that will have natural wellness consumers thinking differently about diet, about exercise and about life.

This is a one-stop destination for those interested in making wellness a lifestyle. Through Veria’s comprehensive online wellness encyclopedia, consumers will have a trusted source to conduct research, download videos and review the latest updates and articles on health and wellness.

“Wellness begins with understanding natural ways of living and a desire to live in harmony with the natural world,” said Subhash Chandra, founder of Veria. “People everywhere want to look and feel good and to live in peace and happiness. Veria expresses these fundamental human desires, shared by millions of people throughout the world.”

More than 200 million Americans express a strong desire to live more naturally, and an additional 80 million state that maintaining health and vitality is the most important goal in their lives.

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