Where Oh Where Has TV Guide Gone?

Over the past few years, the once ubiquitous TV Guide magazine seems to have disappeared from many magazine outlets, at least here in Canada. In a similar vein, numerous newspapers have turned their weekly TV listings into a useless matrix with nothing more than episode number and time. No more commentary on an episode or movie. And not all that easy to find regional TV listings online, depending on where you live.

But with time-shifting TV and cool software like Orb’s myTV and Rok TV for mobile viewing, do you really need a TV guide? An episodal search engine may be more useful (provided you know what you’re looking for). And that’s what the once ubiquitous (in print) TV Guide wants to be: the go-to resource for video search. They’re planning a launch for mid-April, and with their beta search engine, you’ll be able to find links to full episodes. That is, they won’t be hosting the content – at least not initially.

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  1. I think it’s appalling what has happened to TV Guide! I relied on that magazine for years until I moved. Then my local paper provided a good tv schedule until a few years ago. It too has gone the way of TV Guide.

    Neither one of them are worth subscribing to any more.


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