Why Do I Twitter?

100% of my personal blogging is on Twitter. So please go ahead and add me as friend if you want, or stalk me.

At first i was a bit worried it would cause a massive slowdown on the internet and the web would come to a slow halt. But now Im convinced it’s actually helped motivate me a bit to stay on top of communicating. I tend to shut off AIM more and rely on Twitter to stay in touch at my convience. So its not a bad thing.

So why do I Twitter?
I Twitter because of the pure and genuine interaction I can have their. I can be transparent. I can share my frustrations to the whole world. I Twitter because like the Patriarch Abraham its best at times to slow down and enjoy life and the relationship we have. New Media is about open and sharing communication amongst our peers. And Twitter does a great job of that. Just like blogging used to for me. I still blogging but sometimes I just want to share a few things and not get into a huge discussion.

What are you waiting for? Join Twitter, and be apart of the conversation. It’s a lot of fun really.

Again here’s my Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/krug

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  1. six typos! (and here people thought twitter would make the internet dumber.)

  2. Lay off of David–the typos are his trademark! :)

    I like that David’s stuff is completely off the cuff and not polished to a high sheen.

    D–Just keep on writing in your own special way and don’t worry about the spelling. If you ever published anything that didn’t have typos, I would seriously wonder if it was you who wrote it!

    And thanks for the Twitter insight. Now that I’ve started using it, I can completely understand where you’re coming from, although I can’t ever see Twitter replacing blogging.

  3. I have yet to really understand the hype on Twitter. I have looked at and read a lot on it but it just isnt doing it for me.

  4. I agree with you Dennis. I’m one to jump on bandwagons but Twitter…meh. Someone wake me up when this is over.

  5. Well, I’m still keeping an open mind in regards to Twitter (although I did scale back recently). I’ll follow you if you don’t mind…

  6. Just what you need dude to keep you focused, more noise. Nice work! :0

  7. You have to reciprocate those friend requests, David. :P Otherwise it’s no fun.

    I already know that there’s the “Twitter” and the “anti-Twitter,” and perhaps this fits better in response to Muhammad’s contrarian post. I personally think that it’s interesting to learn more about people than just from their blogs (or for those who don’t have blogs, a little more about them — period). Right now, that’s where the hype is for me. I can read Scoble and know Scoble beyond Scobleizer and the 93249294 blogs he’s mentioned in. It’s actually kind of neat to see. They really are microblogs, and above all (for now), really interesting conversations.

    A lot of bloggers have a “personal” side that just is not reflected in their professional blogging. That’s what is appealing to me, to see people in a totally different light. Further, a lot of new services and announcements from the top dogs are being posted on Twitter, so you can get real good news fast.

    To each his own, I guess. But it’s funny (and cool) that when I say that I’m about to eat lunch, someone will actually ask me what I’m making. :)

    For those people who have IM, this isn’t much different, and I would say that it’s very much like a chat room on the net. But not everyone uses IM/chat anymore, and you really can filter out noise if you want to here.


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