Why Your Venture Backed Startup Doesn’t Get Links

Robert Scoble a guy I really like is pissed off about not getting links about some boring story about Intel.

Now I’ve watched every Video about this, read every document online and I’m still not excited about this story. The Intel one that is. I’m insanely geeky but I like to keep things simple. But plane fact of the matter is. I like it to work and outside of that I don’t really care as much. I like things to just work and then to ignore them.

The real story is Robert Scoble feels well burned because no one is linking to his video. To his site, and to his scoop. Trust me I’ve been there.

Here’s the problem. I find PodTech so boring on occassion I could fall asleep watching just about every video. They are so so so long. I want shorter interviews that tell me why stuff works. Not a full on interview about the interior decorating features of Intel. Yes, I did watch the video. I enjoy some of the type commentary because I can scan it quickly and take away valuable information.

Here’s a few suggestions.

Read Brian Clark’s Copyblogger, if you aren’t getting links your headlines probably don’t stand out. And your content might not be interesting.

Ask your readers for feedback. So far I really wish PodTech would give me some feedback. Because I seriously don’t have time to watch 30 minute interviews about Intel’s clean room. It just doesn’t turn me on like finding out a cancer patient’s Xbox 360 was stolen.

Call me old fashioned but that’s news I want to do something about. Watching interviews is interesting at times. But doesn’t want to make me do anything. Great content makes you want to do something. It inspires, it intrigues, and it makes you want to learn more. So far I’m just not getting that with these long videos.

On a personal note Scoble, take a look at this.

MyBloglog integrates with Flickr, its on the front page of TechMeme so its got to be breaking news right?

Well a few days earlier we wrote an extensive article with original content. Not one single iota of love from any of these sources.
So well let’s both sign up to the oh no we got snubbed from the blogospheric credit. Nah, how about this. We can just realize the blogosphere is a huge place. And sites like Download Squad, and http://mashable.com/2007/01/27/mybloglog-flickr/, and Search Engine Journal don’t pass out links to people that don’t brown nose. Although I could be over reacting.

You sometimes have to be content getting the links you get, continue creating great content and know that the respect will follow, and if it doesn’t you can always grab a baseball bat and smack some of these fellows around the Italian way.

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