Yahoo Japan Launches Social News Site, Braces Self

japnime Yahoo Japan Launches Social News Site, Braces SelfYahoo Japan has launched a socially driven news site called Minna No Topics or “Everyone’s Topics”. The site allows users to submit stories from around the web and then allows others to vote on the soties by clicking the plus button to add votes/points/score/value. The service is currently limited to Yahoo Japan users only.

Yahoo Japan is basically the Internet in Japan, ranging from broadband to cell phone to television services.

And taking that into consideration along with the fact that socially driven news seems to be the trend that the web is embracing, it makes sense for Yahoo it expand into the market and further strengthen their position. Furthermore, the fact that the site is in Japanese, might save it from vandalism from the Digg Mob.

Loren Baker has more observations on the site, including that he doesn’t see a story burying feature as seen on Digg.

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