Yahoo! Telemundo kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with two mini-sites

telemundo Yahoo! Telemundo kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with two mini sites Yahoo! Telemundo today unveiled two specially designed mini-sites in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which each year honors the successes and contributions of the country’s largest minority group. The sites, Mosaico Hispano and Battle of the Bands, celebrate the personal and
professional achievements and musical talents, respectively, of Hispanics from throughout the U.S. The sites will be live from the evening of September 17 through October 31, 2007.

A tribute site to individuals who are living the American dream, Mosaico Hispano features video profiles of everyday U.S. Hispanics whose successes and triumphs have left an indelible imprint on their communities and are a source of inspiration for all. Among the stories featured are those of New York City’s Tats Cru, a group that has elevated graffiti to an art form; Concha Rodriguez, a Chicago funeral director who visits schools and community centers to talk to youth about the inherent dangers of gang violence; and, Juan Diaz, a Mexican immigrant who is today both a boxer and

For its part, Battle of the Bands will showcase the artistry and musical talents of 10 up-and-coming U.S. Hispanic bands battling it out for instant online fame. The site will feature videos of each of the bands performing one song at a local venue as well as interviews with band members and fans alike. Users will vote to determine the fan favorite.

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  1. I think the sites are cool; love the inspirational stories! Like to see Hispanics making a difference.

  2. The variety of stories are great. These are all admirable people – great to see them shine.

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