YouTube Hands Over Info to Fox, Enter EFF

ytimage YouTube Hands Over Info to Fox, Enter EFFYouTube has identified a user who was accused by Fox of uploading episodes of 24 a week before they were scheduled to air on television, and has handed over the information to the company. The same user allegedly uploaded episodes of The Simpsons as well. All hopes of Google resisting the subpoena as they have done in the past with respect to US government subpoenas, were summarily crushed, according to a report on

“We intend to use the information provided to pursue all available legal remedies against those who infringed our copyrights,” 20th Century Fox Television Vice President of Media Relations Chris Alexander told

Where’s the EFF when you need them?

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  1. How dumb was this guy though uploading this sort of thing to YouTube. As I think Ars or a similar site said on the matter, why not just upload it as a torrrent? YouTube is a red rag to a bull in terms of this sort of thing, why not just paste your name and address next to the upload?

  2. Where’s the EFF?

    Ummm, perhaps they’re not involved because this is ILLEGAL?


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