LiveJournal user elected to its Advisory Board

livejournal LiveJournal user elected to its Advisory BoardLiveJournal concluded its inaugural LiveJournal User-Representative Election with Jennifer Brady of Mesa, Arizona emerging as winner. Ms. Brady will formally join the LiveJournal Advisory Board on June 1, 2008.

Ms. Brady is a long-time LiveJournal user. Her current LiveJournal account is under the name of legomymalfoy. After garnering the required number of endorsements, Ms. Brady announced her candidacy on May 16. Following her election victory, Ms. Brady will join current Advisory Board members danah boyd, Esther Dyson, Brad Fitzpatrick and Lawrence Lessig.

As earlier announced, LiveJournal allocated two positions on the Advisory Board for elected representatives from its user base. This move is unprecedented for a major social network and will offer LiveJournal users a defined role in the development of the service for the first time.

Ms. Brady received 36.5% first place votes, which led to an instant run-off under the terms of the election. Under the terms of the instant run-off, Ms. Brady was the ultimate winner. Candidates ‘jameth’ and ‘rm’ came in second and third, respectively. All told, 25,875 votes were cast in the election.

b5media teams up with PicScout

b5media b5media teams up with PicScoutPicScout has begun working with b5media to use the PicApp platform of premium, licensed images and photos for enhancing news and creative content across a select group of blogs. PicApp provides licensed images from a broad group of premiere news and stock photo agencies, giving bloggers and other online publishers legal access to millions of images, while addressing content owners’ usage tracking and copyright concerns.

PicApp is currently in beta. News and photo agencies licensing images to PicApp include Getty Images, Corbis and Image Source with more content partnerships coming soon.

This is a welcome move from b5media as it professionalizes the job of blogging, including the proper usage of licensed images.

American Airlines crashes, the website that is; Comcast hacked

Customers accustomed to booking flights online on American Airlines’ web site were greeted witha crashed website yesterday afternoon for at least an hour.

The company spokesman, Tim Wagner, said that network issues shut down the airlines’ website from 3pm CDT to 4pm CDT.

Meanwhile, hackers attacked late Wednesday and brought down its website and email service, routing it to another website. The attack was reportedly to have been carried out by two hackers bragging that they have “roXed Comcast.”

LifeLock reaches milestone with one-millionth member

LifeLock, the identity theft protection company, has reached a major milestone with the signing up of its one-millionth member. It’s being hailed as a significant accomplishment for a company that only signed its first member in June 2005.

A proactive identity theft protection company, LifeLock begins by requesting, on behalf of its clients, the national credit bureaus place free fraud alerts on LifeLock members’ credit files. They also request their members’ names be removed from pre-approved credit card and junk mail lists. In addition, members receive LifeLock’s WalletLock, eRecon and TrueAddress services. WalletLock works to cancel and replace all documents and personal identifying information inside a lost or stolen wallet. An ongoing patrol of over 10,000 websites where criminals illegally trade and sell information, eRecon searches specifically for LifeLock members’ Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers and email addresses to make sure they’re not being sold or traded. LifeLock’s TrueAddress service alerts members if they have had a change of address form filed in their name, a tactic used by identity thieves to reroute consumers’ mail to the thief’s address. LifeLock members are backed by LifeLock’s $1 million service guarantee.

The milestone is very important for LifeLock after customers in Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia sued the company accusing that its service didn’t work as promised.

Gigya releases social features, will traffic follow?

logo gigya1 Gigya releases social features, will traffic follow?Widget provider Gigya announced the release of Gigya Socialize, a technology that gives website owners the ability to grow both traffic and engagement by adding social features. Gigya Socialize also gives site owners a choice: implement plug and play components or access the Open API for complete control.

With Gigya Socialize, any site can tap into this growth engine by incorporating popular social features like invitations, sharing, and newsfeed.

Social features can be engaging for users but it is not the only guarantee for traffic.

KOL and Planet Cazmo form content partnership

planetcazmo KOL and Planet Cazmo form content partnershipAOL has forged a content agreement between its online kids site, KOL and Planet Cazmo, a virtual world that hosts a global audience of ‘tweens and teens. The year-long arrangement lets the two properties feature and cross promote content on each other’s sites.

With this partnership, KOL content will be featured throughout Planet Cazmo in the form of virtual goods, and a new racing game will incorporate KOL characters and branding. This game and others will also be embedded widgets on the KOL site for users to play there as well.

KOL has been forming content partnerships with different niche sites like Minyanville.

M:Metrics sold for $44.3 million to comScore

M:Metrics, a mobile measurement company, has been acquired by comScore for $44.3 million in cash. The transaction also involves the issuance of approximately 50,000 options to purchase shares of comScore common stock to certain M:Metrics unvested option holders.

M:Metrics offers three primary measurement products: MobiLens, a syndicated monthly online survey that captures overall mobile phone usage; MeterDirect, the industry’s first on-device meter that passively measures the mobile Internet behavior and media consumption of more than 4,000 existing Smartphone panelists; and M:Ad, the first competitive tracking service for mobile advertising that continuously monitors clickable display advertising.

Brightcove and Glam Media partner to offer video distribution and monetization via GlamTV

glam Brightcove and Glam Media partner to offer video distribution and monetization via GlamTVGlam Media, Inc. and Brightcove announced a partnership that will enable Brightcove media customers to distribute ad-supported video content to Glam Media’s network of more than 64 million monthly uniques. The partnership leverages Glam Media’s new flagship service GlamTV which allows publishers in the Glam Network to access rights-cleared content and indie videos tightly packaged with brand advertising for their web sites.

Colombia signs agreement to purchase 65,000 XO laptops

One Laptop per Child announced that the State of Caldas, Colombia, has signed a purchase agreement for 65,000 XO laptop computers to be distributed to children in the country’s most important coffee-growing regions.

The first wave of 15,000 units to be deployed later in 2008 will be in Caldas’s smaller towns and rural areas. For the capital Manizales, a separate agreement is being discussed so that total coverage for State is achieved.

We can only hope that these laptops will be distributed fairly to kids as country’s government funds are used for the purchase. releases x-ray vision for Internet search

How-to search engine announced a new capability that enables Internet searchers to “x-ray” a search result for relevant words and concepts.

HowDoYa’s x-ray vision provides searchers with a quick and easy method for determining the quality of search results without ever having to leave the results page. When the user clicks the x-ray glasses, the site is “x-rayed” and matched to a set of 75 words that are precisely relevant to the search query. The greater the quantity of words matched, the increased probability that the website is relevant and has sufficient depth to provide the information sought. This helps the searcher decide which sites to visit and helps avoid sites such as link farms or those that may expose searchers to viruses or other forms of malware.

Basically, it saves you that one extra click because you get to take a look at what a site can give you in terms of relevancy.