Believe it or not, Chinese children are more exposed to online dangers

china Believe it or not, Chinese children are more exposed to online dangersThe saying “truth is stranger than fiction” applies to China. Though it is notorious for suppressing online freedom, a new report reveals that children in China are more likely to be exposed to online dangers compared to children in the US, France, Brazil and Japan.

Conducted by Symantec Corp among 4,600 online adults and 2,700 online children, it turned out about 50% of the Chinese children 8 to 17 years old have received inappropriate materials online. Aside from that, 41% said they have talked to strangers online about sensitive and offensive topics like sex.

These numbers are strikingly worse compared to the US where only 16% received inappropriate materials and a meager 4% experienced talking about sex to online strangers.

No one earth would be very devastated to hear this report than the powerful Chinese authorities. Of course, the initial reaction is denial. According to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) director Liu Bin:

I don’t think China’s Internet environment is worse than in other countries. But the lack of proper protection systems, especially in Internet cafes in rural areas, does increase the chances of children being exposed to danger on the Internet.

Well, I think this will motivate China to apply more pressure online and vex the already aggravated privacy groups.

via ChinaDaily

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