Digg up for grabs

digg Digg up for grabsThe fiercest forces of the online world, Google and Microsoft, are clashing once again. At the center is the popular user-driven social content site, Digg.

According to TechCrunch, both giants are eagerly excited to bid for Digg at a price lower than $300 million. According to guesstimate, Google will play within the range of $200-$225 million. On the other hand, Gate’s gang is expected to offer lower since it has an advertising tie-up with Digg since July 2007. Moreover, there are two mysterious media/news companies that will likely bid.

Who do you think will win in this bidding war? Google is notorious for its aggressive acquisitions and bold ambition to wreak havoc in uncharted territories such as the wireless industry.

On the other hand, Microsoft is a monopoly losing its touch but has enough power left to pull some strings. Just ask Yahoo if you don’t believe me.

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