Facebook blocks Scoble

scoble Facebook blocks ScobleNot because you’re a famous Internet figure you can do anything. This is a hard lesson learned by tech geek bloggerRobert Scoble when Facebook disabled his account for violating its ToS.

In his blog, Scoble mentioned he was using a unidentified software (Update: Scoble identified the software as that of Plaxo) to transfer his social graph or contacts to other places. Afterwards, he received an e-mail from Facebook stating:

Our systems indicate that you’ve been highly active on Facebook lately and viewing pages at a quick enough rate that we suspect you may be running an automated script. This kind of Activity would be a violation of our Terms of Use and potentially of federal and state laws.

As a result, your account has been disabled. Please reply to this email with a description of your recent activity on Facebook. In addition, please confirm with us that in the future you will not scrape or otherwise attempt to obtain in any manner information from our website except as permitted by our Terms of Use, and that you will immediately delete and not use in any manner any such information you may have previously obtained.

And just like any celebrity, expect Facebook to concede and activate Scoble’s account or else suffer the harsh backlash of the blogosphere.

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