Finally, LinkedIn goes mobile

The long wait is finally over. Professional social networking site LinkedIn is now accessible via mobile phones. You simply need to visit and sign in with your account information. Take note, you must have a Web-enabled cellphone to access this mobile site.

The power of mobility is very important, particularly for many professionals who are on the move to attend meetings or conferences. This is just a beta version and the final version will be available in Spring. According to LinkedIn blog, here the features allowed on mobile devices:

  1. Search LinkedIn profiles (including photos and bio) to help recall and connect with business acquaintances at events and conferences
  2. Research the common contacts they have with other professionals to help make real world referrals and introductions easier
  3. Invite professional acquaintances and peers you meet at events to LinkedIn with just their email address. Exchanging business cards is just not cool anymore!
  4. Receive regular Network update capabilities about your connections while on the go
  5. International versions currently launched include French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

LinkedIn is currently working to make other features such as LinkedIn Experts available to the users in its final version.

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  1. This is exciting news! LinkedIn has been a valuable source of business and now with the mobile feature, I have high hopes of improving business leads.

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