hi5 launches developer platform

hi5 announced the official launch of its robust application development platform. Now, third-party developers will be able to leverage a suite of common APIs, including those of OpenSocial, to create social applications for members of hi5. The hi5 Platform also provides ways for developers to deeply embed, spread and monetize their applications within hi5. With less than 25% active user overlap with any of the other leading social networks, hi5 presents a significant growth opportunity for developers’ applications.

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  1. Minekey’s flagship app iThink was one of the 53 included on day one of the Hi5 Directory launch, and the app has already gotten lots of traction with Hi5 users. Many new users everyday joining iThink to share opinions and conversation. Hi5 did a thorough and commendable job deploying OpenSocial standards. Without too much customization, we modified our OpenSocial version of iThink from MySpace for Hi5. It has a very rich feature set, and yet it runs smoothly and bug free on Hi5.

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