Irate eBay sellers to organize weeklong protest over new policies

ebay gag Irate eBay sellers to organize weeklong protest over new policies Another trouble is brewing at eBay. Its irate sellers are plotting a strike against the company’s “unfair” policies such as increasing fees and preventing them from sending negative feedbacks to customers.

The weeklong organized protest is slated in February 18 to 25 to preempt the initial implementation of new policies in February 20. The attacks are seen in several fronts from eBay’s own forum to social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.

Acting tough, eBay shows an unfazed stance on this alarming strike. According to its spokesman Usher Lieberman:

We have a passionate community, and we are not surprised to hear them voicing concern. However, when our sellers have had ample opportunity to evaluate the entire package we now offer and consider the traffic and trading velocity we deliver every day, we are confident that they will conclude eBay remains their best business partner.

Unfortunately, the previous strikes organized by sellers were futile due to lack of unity. As expected, many greedy sellers will take advantage of this opportunity to increase sales while others remain loyal to eBay.

Will this end just like those other failed attempts or can it deliver a blow powerful enough to hurt the auction giant’s operations and heed it to listen to their demands?

Via CNN Money

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