Lazy Husbands Learn How to Be Romantic

Tomorrow is my five year wedding anniversary. As I scramble to find a gift that’s made out of wood (because that’s what five year anniversaries demand), I was starting to wonder if I’ve lost some of my romantic edge. While the jury is still out on that one, there is a solution for those of you out there who think the spark has faded away. is designed to scrape husbands up off the couch and train them on how to be romantic. The Web site hopes that by making romance convenient for busy husbands, couples can renew the excitement that brought them together in the first place.

The e-mail-based service delivers monthly romance how-tos to romantically-challenged husbands. There is also a place for wives to list their favorite things (hint, hint!) and remind husbands about important relationship milestones.

Cheaper than roses or chocolate, the service will run you approximately $1 a month; a small price to rekindle that passion.

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