Megan Fox has most viral image on the web

viewmedia Megan Fox has most viral image on the webAccording to results released from Attributor Corporation, the image of Megan Fox from Maxim magazine’s “2007 Hot 100” list is the most popular across the web. Despite her official ranking of 18 on Maxim’s Hot 100, web users unofficially placed her at number one.

The image of Fox published in Maxim’s list was the most copied web-wide, compared against all of the images of women published in both the Maxim list and FHM magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women 2007.” The viral appeal of Fox’s image propelled it throughout the web, appearing many more times than images of list-toppers Lindsay Lohan (officially ranked number one by Maxim) and Jessica Alba (officially ranked number one by FHM). The hottest image features Megan Fox in a scene from the Transformers movie and Attributor’s platform found both exact copies and dramatically altered images, such as one with a cartoon quote bubble obscuring Fox’s face.

According to Attributor, images of the official winners, Alba and Lohan, were also popular across the Web with respective rankings of two and five. The Attributor Top Ten Hottest Images of 2007 list, in order of image popularity: 1. Megan Fox, 2. Jessica Alba, 3. Rihanna, 4. Halle Barry, 5. Lindsay Lohan, 6. Eva Mendes, 7. Angelina Jolie, 8. Jessica Simpson, 9. Christina Aguilera, 10. Uma Thurman. The study ranks female celebrity images from FHM and Maxim’s sexiest women lists of 2007 in terms of how frequently they were copied across the web using Attributor’s image monitoring platform.

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  1. Unless it’s number one crack whore, I don’t know of a list that Lindsay Lohan would be #1 on. Jessica Alba, though? She’s the hotness. :)


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