Mobissimo opens Recommendation Box in France, Italy, and Spain

Following its release of Recommendation Box (RecBox) in the U.S., travel search engine Mobissimo has made the new travel planning feature available on its local web sites in France, Italy, and Spain.

With RecBox, Mobissimo can suggest even cheaper ticket options for the leisure traveller willing to switch dates or consider alternate destinations. For business travellers, Mobissimo’s RecBox shows the cheapest non-stop and business class fares. Mobissimo’s RecBox also displays train fares such as Eurostar and Rail Europe for many European destinations—and updates dynamically according to the user’s query, making travel search quick, easy and comprehensive.

With a single click, Mobissimo searches and compares over 200 travel sites in real time. Mobissimo’s search capabilities, seven foreign language sites, unmatched coverage of low-cost airlines, widest choice of hotels in every star category have made it the uncontested leader in online travel search.

This is what we need at this time with soaring gas prices.

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  1. Does it really find the cheapest prices or just the cheapest prices among its clients? All these comparison search sites offer a great service but do not believe you are necessarily going to get the best deal.

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