Moo Mini Cards Grow Big

TechCrunch reports that Moo, a printing company that manufactures ‘mini cards’ (small business cards), is now going full size.

As someone who has been on the Moo bandwagon for quite some time, I can tell you firsthand that the quality of the product they produce is top notch. What sets them apart is that you can feature a different image on EVERY business card. That means you can order 100 cards, will 100 different images.

Their latest move, Moo has teamed up with LinkedIn to print full-sized “green” business cards.

Now that I’ve gone with the mini-cards, I can never see going back to old school cards. Seriously. Every time I hand out a card they always get a reaction. Not only for the cool prints but the size as well.

You can turn your gallery into cards with Facebook, Flickr, Bebo and LiveJournal – or simply upload your own.

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  1. yes i did. me like creative design business cards. And Moo is creative!!!

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