New dating site for intelligent people only launches

A new dating site exclusively for intelligent people has just launched. is an online dating and networking community which requires that its members pass an IQ test in order to join. is intended for people with an IQ in the top 15% of the population. In comparison, you need an IQ in the top 2% of the population to become a member of Mensa. People with an IQ in the top 15%, are said to be “highly intelligent”. Most often, highly intelligent people communicate and interact best with other intelligent people. was created on the basis of that fact, with the purpose of giving intelligent people an opportunity to meet and form relationships, regardless of location, education and social status.

To become a member of, applicants need to pass the IQ test required for admission. The IQ test consists only of black and white images and is designed to be culture fair, meaning it will test intelligence while minimizing cultural or educational biases.

(Editor’s note: I wonder if this dating site for intelligent people is an intelligent idea at all)

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  1. mrs. b says:

    The website totally sucks! I went out of total curiosity. You have 1 minute to answer the questions at which time the clock is running but the site is soooooo flippin slow that you dont get to see the choices so you can answer!! What a joke! Thats right people, the joke is on the you. Who was the “Smarty Pants” that figured this website out is all I want to know!!! A site that lets your time run out before the page finishes downloading in order to answer the flippin’ question! Way to go smart asses!

  2. Hm.. could it be that your connection is slow?

  3. OK

  4. I SEE

  5. Try my site, IntelligentDating.Net, instead. No IQ tests; just honest, intelligent singles who wish to start lasting relationships.

  6. am looking for love

  7. Am a girl of 27yrs, I like dancing,singing and traveeling round the
    world, meeting new faces and enjoying my self. Have take good look
    at my self and more gorgious than an angel….any guy there.

  8. Never mind the site.
    I am a 50 yr old proffesional woman whn wd like to meet a decent man. Blog here. Twits need not apply

  9. John Boy Walker says:

    Well, I’ve got two graduate degrees, a Postgraduate and a Masters Degree with Distinction and I didn’t pass the test. Guess I’ll just go and hang around with the dummies on Facebook.

  10. Why argue over a dating site? It’s for intelligent people to find an intelligent lover. Your point? Lol

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