Online community pays tribute to Heath Ledger

heath ledger facebook Online community pays tribute to Heath LedgerThe online community mourns for the tragic and untimely passing of “Brokeback Mountain” actor Heath Ledger, creating too much buzz around the blogosphere and tributes in different social networking sites such as Facebook.

Shortly after Ledger’s heartbreaking death, some users did not waste time to create a group called Heath Ledger (1979 – 2008). Another group called Heath Ledger Memorial already gathered about 38,000 fans.

What is unfortunate is that a group is taking advantage of his death to grab media attention. I’m talking about the loony Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) and its plan to picket during his funeral. Perhaps their mentally imbalanced minds failed to separate fiction from reality for they are condemning Ledger’s soul for they strongly believe “God hates fags & fag-enablers.” Maybe they will change their minds once they watch the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. In response, the online community also created a petition against WBC.

Sadly, Ledger is no longer here to listen what the blogosphere and movie critics will say about his rather unconventional performance as Bruce Wayne’s archenemy in the upcoming Batman sequel titled The Dark Knight.

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  1. with love says:

    his memorial fan page on facebook has more than 86,000 people who have joined it. this shows that heath was loved by so many people & that he was an amazing person.
    rip heath. you are missed & loved

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