Pandora expands availability to Reciva-powered Internet radio devices

reciva Pandora expands availability to Reciva powered Internet radio devicesReciva and Pandora announced their partnership to make Pandora available on Reciva-powered Internet Radio receivers and networked devices in the US. Products from more than 30 Consumer Electronics brands are expected to be upgraded to offer Pandora’s unique Internet radio service.

Pandora is a personalized music service which has exploded in popularity to more than 10 million users, almost entirely by word of mouth. Pandora makes listening to favorite music and discovering new music simple and fun. Users just type in a song or artist that they like, and within seconds, Pandora delivers a free and personalized radio station with a continuous stream of songs that fit the same sound and style.

The songs are selected based on the Music Genome Project, Pandora’s innovative system that utilizes highly trained musicians to analyze music one song at a time. These musicians identify hundreds of different musical qualities of each recording, including melody, harmony, rhythm, instrumentation, arrangement, lyrics and vocals. Using this analysis, the listener’s personalized radio stations are created

Reciva-powered radios allow users easy and convenient access thousands of live radio stations from across the world without the need for a PC. These are mostly terrestrial broadcasters streaming their broadcast signal over the Internet in a process known as “simulcasting”. The addition of Pandora to the Reciva platform adds a unique and highly personalized service that is tailored to the user’s preferences.

Users can rate songs on Pandora through the “Reply” button on every Reciva powered Internet Radio with either “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” so Pandora can immediately adjust the station’s programming, and they can pause a song as well as skip a song that they don’t want to hear. Using the “Reply” button, listeners can also bookmark a song, and the song name and artist will be saved.

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