Personal web scout launches

Yotify, the personal web scout service that enables users to track anything on the Internet, enlists their friends to help, and reports back only relevant information, has opened its public beta.

Yotify solves the problem of information overload by enabling user-defined, social and contextual object-specific tracking on the web. Users can send out personal web scouts to track just about anything on the Internet– that apartment theyÂ’’ve been looking to rent, shoes they want to get on sale, concert tickets theyÂ’ve been keeping an eye out for, and 
much more. Yotify reports back just what the user wants to know in a daily digest via email either hourly or daily. Web scouts track 
parameters such as price drops, new reviews, new friend postings, 
keyword occurrence, product availability, newly posted comments, 
etc., defined by users as they browse their favorite websites or 
blogs at

Yotify web scouts can be set up and deployed in 
less than a minute.

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  1. Cheryl Dixon says:

    This an exciting and much needed concept. I will be anxious to use this beneficial and informative site soon!!!

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