Predict Your Baby’s Gender With Stork101

My name is Andrew G.R. My name is NOT DR. Andrew G.R. I feel it’s important to make that differentiation before I launch into a blog post that centers around conception.

I’ve seen the Web come along a long way over the years, but are we really at the point where the potential gender of your child can be calculated?

With $24.99 to burn, it seems anything is possible!

Stork101 makes the claim that their algorithm can predict, with 100% accuracy, the gender of your un-conceived child. However, the Website is not liable if they get the gender wrong.

Before you login to Paypal, the creators want you to know the following:

- You can test it before you buy
- It’s based on medical research
- Totally non-evasive
- 40 years of accurate predictions

How does it work? I tuned out after I read something about “menstruation” cycles. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if this is a worthwhile product.

As always, your feedback is welcomed!

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  1. When my wife was pregnant we went online and took a battery of “what will the gender be” tests. Actually, one place we went to had a group of 10 independent tests, and produced a guesstimate based on the results from all 10 tests (bunch of “old wife’s tales” is my best guess). Our results showed we had a 57% chance of having a boy. In my mind, this meant we had a 100% chance of having a hermaphrodite since the results didn’t swing heavily one way or the other.

    Luckily, my wife produced a beautiful baby girl!

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