Rhapsody launches ‘Music Without Limits’

rhapsody Rhapsody launches Music Without LimitsDigital music service Rhapsody announced the launch of its “Music Without Limits” initiative. This strategy is designed to turbocharge the digital music industry in three ways, by:

• Accelerating the move away from proprietary Digital Rights Formats by making music from all major labels available in the DRM-free and interoperable MP3 format;

• Empowering music fans to conveniently stream full-length songs, and buy MP3s, anywhere they want including the most popular music sites and social networks on the web;

• Integrating digital music directly with mobile phones through a deep partnership between Rhapsody and Verizon Wireless.

Beginning today, consumers can purchase MP3 music from Rhapsody and its partners that is free of the digital rights management (DRM) software that restricts how and where people can play their music.

The Rhapsody MP3 catalogue will include more than 5 million songs from all four major music labels – Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI – and an extensive number of independent labels. Most albums will sell for $9.99 and tracks for $.99.

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