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Billing itself as a ‘new generation exposure engine,’ Wildfeed is designed to help you share your favorite Web content.  Using a specialized community, you will be sent regular e-mails containing links of interest.  This content is selected by the editorial community and aims to ‘discover and expose creativity, innovation and expression in the digital universe.’

Participation in the editorial process is not required and subscriptions are free.  However, as an incentive, members who submit stories and bring friends under the tent, have access to a greater number of features and hold more influence over what gets published (stories that are ‘published’ get included in e-mail broadcasts.)

The name ‘wildfeed’ refers to the act of catching private video clips that may not be accessible to the public at large.

Created by a digital media pro and a social worker, the site pushes the tagline ‘freedom of expression.’

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  1. I loved this site! It was so easy to use and I loved the links. The visuals were really great also. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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