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The other day at work our e-mail server went down for a few hours.  This presented a problem when there was a file located on my computer that I needed to send to a coworker.  You see, all of our USB ports and disk drives are blocked for ‘security reasons.’

Despite the number of Web 2.0 sites I write about on a daily basis, my mind froze when it came time to simple find some temporary free hosting that would allow my colleague to retrieve a file.

Knowing that Twitter pretty much allows us to do anything these days, I turned to the app for help, and with a quick search, uncovered Tweetcube.  The Website is a great little application that allows you to share images, videos and music (under 10mb) with only a few clicks.  Tweetcube is 100% free.

Files are only stored for 30 days for you and your followers to access, after that, say ‘bye-bye.’  No registration is required and the uploading of documents you do not own the rights to can get you in some trouble.

Upload limits will be increased in the near future and the Website is currently looking for sponsors on their homepage.

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  1. nice pick… I still have my concerns about privacy with this services.
    alternatively you could use (more established, not twitter-only), which allows to share freely and anonymously files of up to 300MB and tweet the link without entering your Twitter password.
    there is also a picture and MP3 preview feature, so I think it matches your topic :-)

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