U.S. advertising spending rose 0.6% in 2007– Nielsen

The Nielsen Company reported that advertising spending for the full year 2007 rose 0.6% compared to full year 2006, with Internet continuing to demonstrate the strongest performance (+18.9%) of any media category.

According to preliminary figures from Nielsen Monitor-Plus, the leading provider of competitive advertising information, advertising spending was mixed across media with gains in some categories and declines in others. In addition to Internet advertising, other media categories that showed an increase in 2007 were National Magazines (7.6%), Outdoor (7.2%), National Sunday Supplements (4.9%), National Cable TV (2.2%), and Spanish-Language TV (1.5%).

nielsen U.S. advertising spending rose 0.6% in 2007– Nielsen

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  1. Hi, that’s actually quite interesting. It shows that companies are increasingly using the internet to market their products. Traditional methods like local newspapers are no longer effective.

    Interestingly, Nielson runs many online panels for businesses to market and survey their product to consumers. Anyone interested in these ‘paid advertising’ can check out Nielson’s NetRatings panel.

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