US Presidential conversation goes global with LiveJournal

The coming presidential elections in the US is not only important for Americans. The election also has significant repercussions outside of the US. With this, LiveJournal announced a uniquely global community, US Election 2008, dedicated to the discussion of the Presidential campaign.

The community is for journalists from newspapers outside of the US to gather the views and opinions of Americans regarding the pending Presidential election. The community is intended to facilitate wide-ranging public discussion of important political issues, including reactions of people in the U.S. and abroad to the issues faced by the U.S. Presidential candidates. Participating newspapers include The Independent from the United Kingdom, from Russia, and Mint from India. New topics are presented by journalists posting questions or articles for review in this community. Participants then respond to those questions and their views, when necessary, are translated into the language of the publication to represent the views of those living within the United States.

During the October 7 (9:00 pm EDT) ”Town Hall” style Presidential debate in Nashville, community moderators will follow the debate on the US Election 2008 community, seeding questions to the community in real time. The conversation will directly follow the twists and turns of the debate, creating a virtual Town Hall to mirror the debate.

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  1. Cristina, I completely agree that the coming U.S. presidential election has global implications. Major kudos to livejournal for moving forward with this idea.

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