Userplane’s Webchat now top application on Friendster

Userplane announced that Webchat 2 is now the number one application on the Friendster open platform. Webchat 2 is a chat software that enables real-time text messaging and streaming voice/video communication.

Easily integrated and fully scalable, Userplane’s Webchat 2 facilitates rapid deployment of centrally hosted chat rooms on web communities such as Friendster. Userplane joined the Friendster Developer Program in December, and since the number of users adopting the chat app has steadily increased. Known simply as “Chat” in the Friendster’s widget library, Userplane’s app was used by nearly 800,000 members last month.

The Webchat 2 suite includes Minichat and Userplane Money, a revenue-sharing platform that pays when it is used. In addition to Webchat 2, Userplane is launching its own apps within the Friendster application directory to support audio and video chatting for all users.

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  1. Good to know friendster will improve!

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  4. nice friendster app!

  5. janilyn takiang says:

    hi..i want to put a video to my friendster..but how?

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