Visa launches business network on Facebook

Visa Inc. is joining the social network craze with the unveiling of its Visa Business Network, the first-ever application dedicated to connecting small businesses on Facebook.

As part of this unveiling, Visa will award a total of $2 million in Facebook advertising credit to help small business owners reach new customers and drive new growth.

The Visa Business Network combines Facebook Platform, and its ability to deliver innovative applications on Facebook, with the global leader in small business payment services, Visa. This inventive new site can help small business owners easily tap into a global network of peers and advisers from among the more than 80,000 small businesses already on Facebook. It will also provide small business owners with valuable business tools and help them efficiently identify and target thousands of prospective customers. This one-stop resource will empower small business owners to expand their customer base, manage their business better and exchange ideas with other businesses and trusted advisers.

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  1. Lisa Katz says:


    I am a small business professional and networking can be the difference between success and failure. But I don’t get very many leads from befriending 200 strangers on Facebook. I have a group of associates I know and trust and invite them to exchange referrals on a service such as and I can then track and create new business relationships. It sounds like you and your readers could benefit from a tool that will allow you to turn those 3 or for connections into a rewarding referral network.

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