Will Iran shut down Internet on its election day?

internet ban Will Iran shut down Internet on its election day?Nothing is more annoying than shutting down Internet service. And when it comes to this subject, China and some countries in the Middle East are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Now, NYT reports that the Iranian government plans to block Internet access during its Election Day on March 14, 2008. Though Iran is notorious for its Internet censorship, this is the biggest move it will ever take to curb the flow of online information.

However, the real reason is quite vague since the information from 2 Iranian news outlets that covered this matter is not consistent.

Daily newspaper Etemad Melli claims this will “depend on security plans and on the Ministry of Telecommunications” while ISN news agency has reported this move guarantees unhampered Internet service for the government.

As always, the biggest losers are the ordinary citizens who rely heavily on the Internet to gather information about politics and other matters.

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  1. A.Rinearson says:

    And the libs here bitch about government interference here in the states….

    I hope the Iranian hacker community (lol?) finds a way to keep the people up during this time.

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