Yahoo’s Fire Eagle Goes Public

Yahoo’s new geo-location platform, that gives developers the ability to include positional data in their applications sans headache, is now open to the public.  Dubbed Fire Eagle, the project was announced back in November ’07 and has already been adopted by Six Apart and LightPole.

What makes Fire Eagle neat is that users can syndicate their positional data to any partner service.  All you have to do is update from a supported device or Web site. Talk about taking stalking to a whole new level!

For example: send a geo-tagged photo to my favorite photo site and Fire Eagle will automatically update my current location on my blog and social network profiles.

Thankfully, users can disable the tracking anytime they like.

Playing hooky from work?  Fear not.  The system allows you to lie about your location as well.

Since existing Yahoo IDs can be used, many expect Fire Eagle to be well-embraced by developers. Take your location to the Web, painlessly.

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