adds geo location protection service

cell superhero side adds geo location protection, the online service that helps people protect, recover and replace highly valued mobile devices, has enriched its Mobile SuperHero application with a geo location capability to aid in tracking and recovering misplaced, lost or stolen valuables. protects and helps recover mobile devices—such as smart phones, laptops, PDAs, iPods, cameras and more—while preserving the sensitive information they contain. Its premium service will even replace the device, if it is not recovered. The company launched its flagship “Mobile SuperHero” software as a service in North America in July for smartphones, including Blackberry and iPhone.

Now, has enhanced “Mobile SuperHero” with the ability to determine the actual physical location of a lost or stolen mobile device equipped with GPS or running the BlackBerry operating system 4.2 and above, or the Symbian operating system S60 2nd and 3rd editions. Many devices without GPS can be tracked via their proximity to individual wireless-network cell sites.

The geo location feature allows people to learn whether their devices are stationary or moving, and to track the routes of lost or stolen devices if they are being moved. But because users’ privacy is paramount with, only account holders can track their devices’ locations.

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