Zynga opens network to third-party developers

Zynga Game Network has opened its network to third-party game publishers and developers enabling them to reach the largest aggregated audience of social gamers across Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, meebo and soon MySpace. Partners, including gaming companies Sierra Online, Bigpoint and Come2Play, will leverage Zynga’s proven distribution to guarantee their games reach critical mass on social networks. The initial third-party games announced includes Sierra Online’s web games Capital Defense and Boogie Bunnies and Come2Play’s Backgammon and Bigpoint’s two most popular games Dark Orbit and Sea Fight.

Zynga has built the largest social game network with 1.3 million daily active users and 20 million registered users. In addition to offering reach to the largest aggregated audience of daily social game players on the Web, the Zynga network also allows third-party publishers and developers to tap into a proven monetization engine and offers unique features including game and friend discovery capabilities for users on games within the network.

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  2. I am happy they have opened this to the developers, well my boyfriend will be happy…thanks

  3. Why dont you set up games like Mobster so we can play them from our cell phones

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