Simplify Media launches Simplify Music 2.0

simplifymedia Simplify Media launches Simplify Music 2.0Simplify Media, a developer of streaming media applications, has released Simplify Music 2.0 for use on iPhone, iPod touch and desktop computers.

Simplify Music 2.0 enables anyone with a digital music library on a home computer to access their music anytime, anywhere. Users can also stream songs from up to 30 friends, and they can view lyrics and artist bios on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Simplify Music 2.0 is an easy-to-install software application that enables users to remotely access their home computer’s digital music library on an iPhone, iPod touch, or other personal computers. Because it streams music over the Internet, Simplify Music 2.0 saves storage space and removes the need to constantly synch with remote devices. It integrates with popular players like iTunes, and it automatically adjusts sound quality based on the Internet connection.

EA reveals The Sims 3 full online feature set

Electronic Arts Inc. announced the robust online and community offerings to The Sims 3 PC and Mac game, the highly-anticipated flagship game from the best-selling PC franchise The Sims. In addition to the town included in the game, a second town, Riverview will be available for download from The Sims 3 product website at launch. also will allow players to create and share their own movies, manage their online content and purchase additional in-game content. The game is set to launch worldwide on the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and mobile devices starting June 2, 2009.

1.5 million pounds of tech waste recycled by Office Depot

officedepot 1.5 million pounds of tech waste recycled by Office DepotOffice Depot recycled a total of 1,431,439 lbs of technology in 2008 through its Tech Recycling Service. First introduced in 2007, the Office Depot Tech Recycling Service enables customers to recycle e-waste, including computers, printers, media drives and small televisions, at Office Depot store locations in the continental U.S. The recycling portion of the process is handled by Intechra, Office Depot’s recycling vendor.

According to Intechra, one of the largest tech recyclers in the U.S., the most common technology items accepted through Office Depot’s Tech Recycling Service during 2008 included: printers (more than 12,000 were collected); computers (approximately 6,000 were collected); PC monitors (more than 6,000 recycled); and telephones (about 2,500 collected).

After items are collected by Office Depot and shipped to Intechra, materials are crushed, compacted and turned into raw materials, such as glass, plastic, copper and aluminum. announces its new web 4.0 web site is launching its new web 4.0 web site, featuring more interactive content. The one-click access to information about apartments has been showcased even more prominently. Initially, while searching for apartments, users see one main large photo of the property followed by three additional smaller images to provide a comprehensive visual understanding of content about featured property listings. Enter the zip code or city/state and information rich content displays, with featured apartments getting additional exposure.

Quick searches are designated by radius, price range and bedroom requirements or through searches for specific colleges, military bases or particular addresses. A “Virtual Earth” map lets users see exactly where a property is located. Also, strong keyword search tools better justify specific information that is relevant to a search query.

An easy-to-use expanded feature, called faceted browsing, lets consumers chose specific properties to visit by narrowing relevant information about their specific needs. The search facets are positioned in the left side column of the site, and allow users to search by amenities, price, affordable housing options and schools. launches as destination for women golfers, an online shop and community for women who love golf, has launched. Featuring chic, fashionable golf apparel in a boutique environment, the website is destined to become a favorite resource for women that want to look good on and off the course.

PinksandGreens was founded by ardent golfer Allison Dorst to fulfill a void in the women’s golf apparel market. Tired of the slightly masculine clothing found in pro-shops or browsing online sporting goods stores to find flattering pieces, Allison created a web destination that offers stylish women’s golf apparel in a fun, interactive shopping environment. The product is shot on active models and is shown from multiple angles, giving you a true understanding of the fit and fabric. Customer ratings and feedback will further help you find pieces that will flatter as well as compliment your game.

PBwiki becomes PBworks

PBwiki has changed its name to PBworks. The company’s product line will also be rebranded from PBwiki to PBworks to reflect how the company has expanded its collaboration solution beyond traditional wiki functionality.

The company simultaneously announced its new PBworks Legal Edition product. “As we’ve added additional functionality, such as Access Controls, Document Management, Mobile support, and now our new Legal Edition, we’ve gone well beyond traditional wiki functionality,” said Jim Groff, CEO of PBworks. “As a result, the name ‘PBwiki’ no longer reflected how we think of ourselves, and even more importantly, how our users think of us.”

The transition, effective today, should be seamless for current customers and users. Existing workspaces will continue to function and will automatically be redirected from “” to “”.

KickApps to power Muscular Dystrophy Association online community

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has selected KickApps to power its online community, myMDA. myMDA is a place for people whose lives have been affected by muscular dystrophy and associated diseases to gather and share their experiences and get support from each other.

myMDA features a social network where members can create online profiles about themselves, friend other members of the community, upload blogs, photos and videos, engage in discussions with other members on message boards, and comment, rate, tag and find content that has been created and uploaded by other members of myMDA. Additionally, members can easily share community content and spread awareness with family and friends on any website, major social networks and blogs.

Online dating site introduces baby-making feature

The YouAnd.Me free dating site has just given birth to a new feature, the YouAnd.Me Make Babies. It offers a proprietary morphing technology for members to have fun and make virtual babies with other members or anyone else. All you need to do is load their photos as well as yours and you get the chance to create a virtual baby in 9 seconds, not 9 months.

YouAnd.Mw offers free online dating. The Make Babies feature comprises proprietary technology that does not mix and create images to make a photo-hybrid baby picture. Instead, it utilizes identification and recognition technology to detect specific facial traits and features for creating a virtual baby’s face that resembles the morphing of these features.

To get the best results from the YouAnd.Me Make Babies morphing feature, you should upload a clear frontal photo. Then you will need to upload the best facial frontal image of your co-creator, then you will need to select a name and a gender. You can also make modifications with regard to ethnicity and race; and you even get the chance to ”recreate your baby”, if you’re not completely satisfied with his or her appearance. To morph with members on the YouAnd.Me free dating site, you will need to right click on a member’s photo, save it, then upload it as Parent 1 or Parent 2. Next, you get to choose a name, gender, and the desired ethnicity or the default of 90% detection rate.

AOL’s MediaGlow expands audience reach in March

AOL’s MediaGlow expanded its year over year consumer reach in March with pageviews climbing 13% to reach 6.4 billion and total minutes increasing 9% to 4.3 billion, according to March 2009 comScore Media Metrix data.

In addition, the site, which in 2008 opened to third-party content, e-mail, social networks and more, grew 7% in page views and 26% in total minutes year over year.

Truphone releases major upgrade for iPhone app

Truphone has launched Truphone 3.0, a major upgrade to its mobile VoIP application for the Apple iPhone that dramatically builds upon the success of previous versions of the iPhone’s first ever VoIP application, enhancing users’ instant messaging and account management experience, faster than ever before, and delivering a new standard for call quality.

Among the many improvements in Truphone 3.0 are increased ease of use, speed of function response, intuitiveness and simplicity – all designed to enhance the users’ experience. Further, Truphone has improved voice quality making the app for the iPhone better than it’s ever been before.

Using Truphone’s integrated messaging tool that unifies all IM communities in a single place, users can now simply manage all their IM communication from a single page within the application, eliminating the need to constantly jockey between different applications or even different pages within an application. IM services currently supported include Skype, MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk.

Similar improvements to Truphone for the Apple iPod touch will be announced soon.