BillMyParents launches online payment system for teens and parents

Socialwise, Inc. has launched BillMyParents, an innovative online youth payment system that gives teens the freedom to shop online and parents the control over these purchases– all in a simple, automated system that keeps credit card numbers and other personal information safe and secure.

The BillMyParents payment system platform addresses this untapped teen spending market with a multifaceted approach to online payment processing for teens and tweens, and gives them an easy way to purchase products online without a credit card. Using the BillMyParents button at the point of sale, teens can initiate a purchase in seconds. Parents complete the purchase at their convenience through a simple, easy to use, and automated system enabled by instant email and text notifications.

Facebook lifts ban on breasts. Not really.

Facebook has a long standing policy on topless (female) photos and has no known plans to revise this policy. For the first time the social media network came back on a decision earlier made and reinstated a picture.

After Sharon Adams’ picture of her post-masectomy chest was moderated and removed as “sexual and abusive”, 900 people joined a protest group in support of Sharon Adams and breast cancer awareness. Facebook duly reinstated the picture and even offered Sharon Adams an apology:

Our user operations team reviews thousands of reported photos a day and may occasionally remove something-that doesn’t actually violate our policies. This is what happened here. We apologise.

Should Facebook generally allow its users to post the pictures they want, but request self-moderation first like Flickr does or should Facebook continue it’s general ban on breasts?

More at The Daily Mail.

National American University sues porn site over name

AP reports that the National American University is suing porn site operated by La Touraine Inc. for its use of Naughty American University and the acronym NAU. The lawsuit is seeking to prevent the use of the school’s trademark and financial damages.

National American University was founded in 1941 in Rapid City. It was first known as the National School of Business. It has since then grown to South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas.

GOOG-411 adds nearby intersections

Users of GOOG-411 can now save even more time when trying to find a location as Google a new feature implemented. When asking for a details to a location, the service will also tell you which the nearest intersections are. In the announcement post the example of the Google office in NYC was provided.

You can try it now: call 1-800-466-4411, look up ‘Google in New York’, ask us for more ‘details’, and we’ll tell you that our Chelsea office is ‘near the intersection with West 16th Street’. Unless you’re a seasoned New Yorker, this might very well save you from walking up or down a few blocks.

Intersections are available for most towns and cities in the US and Canada.

Twitpocalypse, another useless Twitter site begging for 5 minutes of fame.

You might have noticed it already, Twitter is a BIG thing nowadays and has been exploding in popularity for months now. One of the great things about Twitter is it’s API and the many applications built around Twitter. Often it doesn’t matter if your application is very useful or rather useless, you are almost always guaranteed your 5 minutes of fame.

The Twitpocalypse site, warning users (and application developers) for the Twitter Apocalypse, belongs to the rather useless sites built around the Tweetexpress.

What is Twitpocalypse?

The Twitpocalypse is similar to the Y2K bug. Very soon the unique identifier associated to each tweet will exceed 2,147,483,6471
For some of your favorite third-party Twitter services not designed to handle such a case, the sequence will suddenly turn into negative numbers. At this point, they are very likely to malfunction or crash.

According to the estimate at the time of writing, the Twitpocalypse is expected on 10 Jun 2009 at 12:27:04 PM GMT. ETA is updated every 5 minutes. [Read more...]

MobiLuck hits milestone with one million members

Mobiluck, a privately-held mobile services company that offers a location-based mobile social network, has exceeded one million members worldwide since the launch of its service two years ago. MobiLuck allows users to find nearby friends, people and places using simply their mobile. It is one of the largest worldwide location-based mobile social networks in the world and the fastest-growing with 6 000 new members per day. Page views tripled over the last three months to 42 million per month.

Mobile social networking is the number one use of the mobile internet worldwide and a billion people will be doing it by 2012, according to Pyramid Research.

MobiLuck’s users average age is 23 and come mainly from the US, Europe, India, Middle East and South Africa. This new generation of users is making the most of their mobile, using it as their primary connection to the internet. They want a full social networking experience on the go so they can be always connected with their friends wherever they are. They constitute an attractive audience for brands and premium ad agencies who are currently seeing 2% click through rates on their ads on MobiLuck.

Citi launches CitiFX Pro Mobile; Now you can trade anywhere (if you still have money)

Citi has launched CitiFX Pro Mobile, a mobile version of CitiFX Pro, Citi’s online foreign exchange (FX) trading platform for active individual and small institutional traders. CitiFX Pro Mobile is accessible via portable digital devices and mobile phones including the iPod touch and iPhone.

CitiFX Pro offers clients the ability to access state-of-the-art trading capabilities in more than 130 currency pairs in addition to award-winning research and FX market commentary free of charge and 24-hour personal customer support. CitiFX Pro also offers unlimited FDIC coverage on US dollar margin deposits.

CitiFX Pro applicants in the United States who open an account between May 18th and June 18th (and meet certain conditions) will get an Apple Gift Card valued at $300. The gift card can be used towards the purchase of an iPod Touch or iPhone or any other Apple product.

LG launches best webapp ever. Especially for old people like me.

With the launch of DTXTR hardware and phone manufacturer LG comes to the aid of many people, especially ‘old’ people like me.
Ever wanted to smack your kids for that txtmsg they just send you, or better even your 70years old mother who just discovered she can be cool as well and send you a message in txtspk?

You now can stop being annoyed and finally understand what they really were trying to tell you, thanks to DTXTR. DTXTR allows you to translate the ‘teen speak’ message in to regular English.

dtxtr LG launches best webapp ever. Especially for old people like me.

Google Wave, one step closer to the Google OS? No way, it’s even no Beta.

On the day that Skype announced a new version, completely with screen sharing cross platform-wide (although the new version was only released for Windows), the Big G went one step further and announced Google Wave.
Jens and Lars Rasmussen, creators of Google Maps, discovered that in our modern era online communication the A and O is but still leaves lots to be desired, so they started a new project based on actual restrictions:

  • Why do we have to live with divides between different types of communication — email versus chat, or conversations versus documents?
  • Could a single communications model span all or most of the systems in use on the web today, in one smooth continuum? How simple could we make it?
  • What if we tried designing a communications system that took advantage of computers’ current abilities, rather than imitating non-electronic forms?

After two years of development, Google Wave was born.

google wave snapshots inbox Google Wave, one step closer to the Google OS? No way, its even no Beta.

What is Google Wave? Let’s not beat around the bush but face things as they _really_ are: Google Wave is the next big thing. It will cook your potatoes, boil your eggs, chop your trees and slice tomatoes for you. Google Wave will become the Rolls Royce of the internet. The whole world wide web and some more agree.

What is Google Wave exactly? [Read more...] relaunches site enhancing user experience

Multiply, Inc. has redesigned its website to enhance the user experience and make it easier than ever to manage and share media, and communicate with a member’s network of real-life friends and family in a safe, secure setting.

In addition to the site’s newly designed look and feel, Multiply now enables its members to do even more, with new tools and features that make it a complete media management and communications tool in the cloud.

Multiply has also added a number of features that will enhance communications. Status updates will enable users to share their latest activities – in popular microblogging format – with their networks. Members can now suggest connections for their contacts, making “virtual introductions” to their other friends and family on Multiply. Multiply’s redesigned inbox makes it easy for a member to decide how much of their network’s content they wish to view, but also easily filter by content type and offering quick access to top friend and group pages.