Evernote calls on community to translate site

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, the popular online service Evernote is calling on its community to help translate the site into languages other than English and Russian.

evernote map 490x202 Evernote calls on community to translate site

The project aims to have Evernote versions available in French, German, Italian and Spanish by the end of the year, relying on users to translate as much or as little content as they want.

The online tool lets users add new translations or edit existing ones. There are also positions available for volunteer co-ordinators who will have greater responsibility for reviewing and approving translations.

If this experiment is successful, more languages will be offered up in the future.

Samsung jumping on mobile application store bandwagon

Yes, the “application store” is the latest must have accessory for every mobile phone manufacturer or OS maker.

samsung logo Samsung jumping on mobile application store bandwagonNot-quite-so-hot-on-the-heels of Apple’s App Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace and Nokia’s Ovi is Samsung’s attempt at a mobile application store for users of its cellphones.

With a beta version already available in the UK and the expectation to roll out to Europe in late summer, there’ll be a web portal from which developers’ software can be touted.

As Samsung’s handset run either the Windows Mobile or Symbian operating systems, that’s what will be available. As per everyone else, apps will have to be approved, and may be made available for free or a fee. [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Fickleness Will Be Yahoo’s Downfall

bartz ballmer Microsofts Fickleness Will Be Yahoos Downfall

Immediately after handing over its entire search business to Microsoft, Yahoo takes a beating on Wall Street. It’s not hard to see why. Instead of the upfront billions Microsoft offered last year, Yahoo is now getting revenue share on search ads.

Sure, it’s a huge revenue share — 88% for five years — but this is Microsoft we’re talking about. Search is only the latest among Redmond’s many fleeting non-software obsessions over the decades. If Ballmer gets tired of Bing within the next five years — which is extremely likely, given Microsoft’s track record — Bing would fall behind Google in search innovation.

Yahoo, being stuck with Bing for the next ten years, would be thoroughly YaScrewed. Carol Bartz just put Yahoo’s fate in very, very fickle hands.

Microsoft Takes Over Yahoo Search

Microsoft’s long courtship of Yahoo ends with a sad whimper — from Yahoo. Redmond gets a ten-year exclusive license to Sunnyvale’s search technology. Bing becomes the official search engine powering Yahoo. Yahoo is reduced to nothing but a salesforce for Bing’s search ad space. [Read more...]

Monkey: New contract-free UK mobile music service launches

Mobile music streaming is set to become even more popular as data rates and all-you-can-eat packages increase and various web-based services find their way to the mobile Internet, so it’s no surprise that UK mobile operator Orange has teamed up with music giant Universal and Channel 4 TV to launch Monkey, a free music service for cellphone users who don’t have a monthly contract.

orange logo 150x150 Monkey: New contract free UK mobile music service launchesAiming to be a central source of music as well as a social network for sharing playlists and portal offering music news, gossip, exclusive content and competitions, the service is targeting the 16-24 age group.

Orange claims that the service will work on any handset connected to the network. The service is supposed to be simple to operate — users are presented with a choice of eight preset playlists (such as R&B, rock, pop, chart), and it’s also possible to set up eight personalized playlists which can then be shared. [Read more...]

BBC to share video content with UK newspapers

Four of the UK’s major newspapers — the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent and Daily Mail — will be able to embed some BBC video news content on their web sites, thanks to a new deal struck today.

bbc logo 300x240 BBC to share video content with UK newspapersContent won’t be exclusive, but instead editors will be able to choose videos from a number of subject areas — UK politics, business, health, and science and technology — which have already been published on the BBC Online web site.

The BBC may also roll out this service to other UK-based online news services in the future, with the initial publications chosen because they have a significant audience. [Read more...]

Boycott the Associated Press!

ban ap Boycott the Associated Press!Associated Press stories have long been banned from my personal blog because of their copyright-trolling ways, but now they’ve hit a new low. Now they’re implementing DRM wrappers around their content and cracking down on anyone who so much as quotes a headline and links to an article without paying a fee.

AP CEO Tom Curley clearly does not grasp the referral economy of the Web. Hey, if he doesn’t want link love, then I sure as Hell won’t give him any. I have better things to do than give him my Google juice and get sued for it.

So do you. Don’t ever link to these copyright trolls. Don’t direct your audience’s hard-earned attention to people who will only charge you for it. If you really must talk about an AP story, Google up some alternative coverage from their many more clued-in competitors. Boycott the Associated Press.

Hot For Words Releases First Book

Marina “Hot For Words” Orlova, the double-degreed Russian philologist who made a name for herself on YouTube by explaining the etymologies of various words, just came out with her first book. The self-titled tome from Harper Collins features 280 glossy pages of Marina serving up the origins of eigthy words and phrases — with matching pictures of Marina, of course.

As a revenue-sharing member of YouTube’s partner program, Marina represents a new generation of self-made online video celebrities. Unlike many of the buxom blondes of previous media, Marina handles every part of her new media empire, and interacts very directly with her fans. Just to provide an example of Marina’s highly technical hands-on approach, her latest tweet calls out a major tech blog for recommending an IE7-incompatible widget. When was the last time you saw a celebrity babe do something like that?

If you’ll be at the San Diego Comic-Con today, Marina will be selling autographed advanced copies of her book from noon ’til 2pm.

Shock! SpinVox speech-to-text service relied heavily on human translation

spinvox logo Shock! SpinVox speech to text service relied heavily on human translationSpinVox was a great concept in principle: phone a number and speak your message which then gets translated and sent as SMS to your recipient.

Spin-my-Blog was based on a similar idea, except (wouldn’t you know it) it posted the resultant text to your blog.

Standards have been slipping of late, though, which led many to believe that the initial promise of highly intelligent supercomputers automagically translating your text weren’t quite as accurate as stated by the company.

That’s not to say they weren’t trying, but when you get Egyptian call center staff telling the BBC they’re hacked off with the whole deal, and then you see some of the laughable translations being sent back (after the computers have failed and the humans have had a go) you do wonder how scalable the whole thing is. [Read more...]

Shozu lowering cost of mobile multimedia sharing

shozu swirl Shozu lowering cost of mobile multimedia sharingShozu, which connects mobile users with various social and media networks, has announced a partnership with MAXroam that will allow users to send multimedia files for much lower cost across 139 countries.

Initially marketed to iPhone users, who can download the ShoZu app for $4.99, the application will also be rolled out across Windows Marketplace, Ovi, and the BlackBerry App World (no Android Marketplace?).

With the app comes a coupon code offering them a $4.99 credit on a MAXroam account. [Read more...]