Hot Asian Model Momojing for Asus Eee PC

The ASUS Eee PC made netbooks sexy. Now this girl is making the Eee PC sexy. Hot Asian model Momojing appears in ads for the popular little device, wearing considerably less than office attire.

There was a time when Linux and hot chicks didn’t mix. Now they’re stripping to their undies for Linux devices. Go figure.

Google Chrome OS Screenshot?

google chrome os Google Chrome OS Screenshot?

Jason Kincaid shares what might be a screenshot of the upcoming Google Chrome OS. I don’t know whether this image is genuine or faked, but we can certainly see Google’s minimalistic design ethic in the layout.

Up until two years ago, Google Video offered a downloadable media player. Perhaps that will be recycled into the player app in the screenshot. Sold for $1.1 Million

live current Sold for $1.1 MillionTalk about a good call. Vancouver-based domain name holding company Live Current Media just sold the domain name for $1.1 million.

If you think Live Current hit the jackpot, wait ’til you hear how the domain’s changed hands over the last few years. This is one of those rare times when a company gets to trade a bird in the bush for two in the hand. [Read more...]

Opera 10 with Turbo Coming Tuesday

Opera has always touted itself as the world’s fastest browser, so it comes as no surprise that Opera 10′s biggest new feature will be a Turbo mode for slow connections. Turbo mode works by connecting to Opera Software’s servers, which compress Web pages before sending them to the browser.

If nothing else, it’s a better use of Opera Software’s servers than that silly Unite feature. Expect Opera 10 to come out Tuesday.

YouTube Extends Revenue-Sharing to One-Hit Wonders

youtube revenue YouTube Extends Revenue Sharing to One Hit WondersWant to make money from your YouTube videos? Envious of YouTube partners like Michael Buckley, who makes $100,000 per month off his YouTube channel? Well, even if you’re not a revenue-sharing member of the YouTube partner program, your cat’s funny video could still net you some dough — if YouTube considers it “viral” enough. [Read more...]

Hitler Downfall Parodies YouTube Channel

You know you’ve delivered a fantastic performance when it’s perennially parodied in new media. Bruno Ganz’ brilliant portrayal of a ranting Hitler from a dramatic scene in 2004′s Downfall was first given parody subtitles as a rant about Xbox Live in 2006. Three years later, an eternity in Internet time, the Hitler rant parodies are still going strong.

Taking the meme further, the Hitler Downfall Parodies channel on YouTube continues to churn out hilarious Hitler rants, subtitling multiple scenes from Downfall while occasionally splicing in viral video hits.

Perhaps this is the new measure of a timeless performance: mashability.

Would Microsoft rather screw Google than improve itself?

microsoft Would Microsoft rather screw Google than improve itself?Keeping an eye on the competition is one thing, but when you read about a company explicitly holding meetings designed to make another look bad you have to wonder where its priorities lie.

(Not so) secret “Screw Google” meetings have been a weekly affair at Microsoft, it seems, with the Redmond giant keen to find ways of making a major search rival look bad.

Now, we don’t know whether other companies are holding similar sorts of meetings — I’m sure some are — but in my mind it makes a lot more sense to focus on developing decent products of your own than wasting time trying to bring down the “enemy”. [Read more...]

Google adds language translation option to Docs

google docs translation 272x300 Google adds language translation option to DocsKeeping it in the family by offering cross-service functionality, Google has announced that its language translation service is now available from within Google Docs.

Forty-two different languages are supported, with document formatting preserved and the choice to either replace the original document or create a translated copy. [Read more...]

9rules sells up to Splashpress Media

 9rules sells up to Splashpress MediaIn a post titled 9rules welcomes its new overlords, Paul Scrivens has announced that the network has been sold to Splashpress Media (owner of 901am):

Over the past couple of months the Triad has been considering what to do with 9rules. If you have followed us over the years you know that we have no problems making big changes to our site and community with the chance of making it better. However, we came to the point where the ideas stopped flowing and we were stuck.

…we have decided to reach out to a company that knows a thing or two about blogs and could bring in a fresh new team of talent to take 9rules even further. Enter Splashpress Media. Why Splashpress? Because not only do they have the people that have a passion for publishing online content, but they also have the resources to make things happen without being too large as to forget the core of what makes 9rules special, the community.

[Read more...]

Google Books introduces EPUB standard, opposition forms OBA

epub logo Google Books introduces EPUB standard, opposition forms OBAWhile the opposition to Google Books grows, the service continues to push forward.

The latest news is that over one million public domain books are now available in the free, open industry standard EPUB format, as well as PDF, for download to compatible devices. [Read more...]