Americans Spent $595 Million On Black Friday Sale

Screen shot 2009 11 30 at 8.25.47 PM 300x225 Americans Spent $595 Million On Black Friday SaleWith the  Black Friday  shopping craze in the U.S. finally over, it’s now time to look into some figures that were derived out of all the online retail e-commerce transactions by online retailers that participated. According to comScore, there was a total of $595 million online sales on November 27, Black Friday.   This makes Black Friday as the second heaviest online spending day for 2009.

This year’s Black Friday online sales represents an 11% increase against last year’s Black Friday sales data. Overall spending now amounts to $10.57 billion – a 3% increase from last year’s data. [Read more...]

Nokia Pirates Nintendo Games in N900 Demo?

n900 snes Nokia Pirates Nintendo Games in N900 Demo?Oh Nokia, how far you’ve fallen from your once-lofty mobile gaming ambitions. The Nokia Mosh repository carried so many wild and wacky games — until you threw away your entire developer community in favor of your clean and shiny Ovi app store. Now you can barely give away top-tier titles for free. N-Gage held so much promise as a mobile online gaming service, boasting such big titles as Tomb Raider and The Sims and Metal Gear Soliduntil you unceremoniously killed the whole thing.

Now, to demonstrate the gaming capabilities of your new N900 smartphone, you’ve resorted to running classic games on retro console emulators. Never mind the sheer absurdity of using software emulation to sell the native capabilities of a piece of hardware. Sure, emulators are legal, and hardcore mobile gaming aficionados love emulators, but the game ROMs in your promo video are of questionable legality.

Now Nintendo’s thinking of taking you to court for copyright infringement. Considering that you’re the world’s largest cellphone manufacturer, that’s pretty frickin’ embarrassing.

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Family Guy Clips

If you thought the Windows 7 house party ad was lame, wait ’til you see this. On November 8, Microsoft was planning to sponsor a special episode of Seth McFarlane’s animated comedy series Family Guy to promote their latest operating system.

You can see where this was going: Family Guy’s humor is very edgy, while Microsoft’s marketing is very corporate. Combining the two would have resulted in a horrifying trainwreck of pure sellout stupidity.

Fortunately, Microsoft pulled out of the deal after executives from Redmond saw an actual taping of the show. Apparently, up until that point, they were blissfully unaware of Family Guy’s edgy humor. Talk about being out of touch.

windows 7 family guy Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Family Guy ClipsNow Microsoft has released clips from that hideous abortion through the Windows YouTube channel. As you can see from these clips, Microsoft made the right decision by killing their collaboration with McFarlane. One of the video descriptions even acknowledges the blatant selling-out involved: “When Brian notices Stewie has a new PC, he thinks he smells a sellout.”

Call your neurologist, because the sheer inanity of these totally unfunny sketches will kill your brain. [Read more...]

Air Force Buys 2,200 PS3s. Sony Loses.

ps3 servers Air Force Buys 2,200 PS3s. Sony Loses.Ah, the Sony PlayStation 3. A Blu-Ray player, an online video player, a Linux box — it’s used as anything but what it’s supposed to be: a game console. Now the US Air Force is buying 2,200 PS3s to build a supercomputer.

No, I’m not kidding.

The U.S. Air Force is looking to buy 2,200 Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles to build out a research supercomputer, according to an document posted on the federal government’s procurement Web site.

The PlayStation 3s will be used at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s information directorate in Rome, N.Y., where they will be added to an existing cluster of 336 PlayStation 3s being used to conduct supercomputing research.

The Air Force will use the system to “to determine the best fit for implementation of various applications,” including commercial and internally developed software specific to the PS3′s Cell Broadband Engine processor architecture. The research will help the Air Force decide where Cell Broadband Engine processor-derived hardware and software could be used in military systems.

You might think that Sony’s the big winner in this deal, and that the Air Force is stupid for buying thousands of overpriced game consoles. You’d be wrong, on both counts. Sony sells PS3s at a loss, hoping to make their money in games and accessories. That means the Air Force is getting Cell hardware for a fraction of the cost. [Read more...]

Bring it On Mikandi, the Adult Mobile Apps Store for Android

Eat this Apple! It’s like some anti-iPhone fanboys are screaming at us iPhone users – taunting us with the lines – “you can never get this on your iPhone, Steve fanatics.” Ouch!  But honestly, can a mobile app store such as which is short of offering mobile phone pornography succeed?

Ok, I regress Mikandi is a mobile app store for for Adults or let say the matured mobile phone users. It is currently available for the Android handset and there are even plans to bring it to other mobile platform as well. Ops, don’t get your hopes to high iPhone users because I’m pretty sure, Mikandi mobile app store will never get to the iTunes, either as an app or the many applications it currently offers. [Read more...]

Pizza Hut iPhone App Scores Another Award, Order your Pizza Now!

After getting various mobile innovation-related awards from several advertising organizations, here comes Pizza Hut iPhone app again bagging another prestigious plum. This time it’s from “the” Forbes Magazine, which named it the #Branded Mobile Application of 2009. Of course, Pizza Hut iPhone app was also named as the first national pizza chain to release an ordering app, and that’s not counting the millions of profits generated by the app for the Pizza store.

If you’re an iPhone users and you have not downloaded the app yet, you might be missing a lot. Actually I might be missing a lot because I haven’t downloaded the app yet. But I have a good excuse, the app is not available in the country where I am located. [Read more...]

Muppets Launch YouTube Channel

Entertainment industry execs, take note: this is how an old classic can successfully make the transition into new media. When The Muppet Show was cancelled in 1981, a lot of us felt like we lost our old gang of childhood friends. Fortunately, the Muppets just launched their own YouTube channel, and they’re hitting the medium of online video with the force of Gonzo shooting out of a cannon.

Kermit and crew clearly did their homework. With punchy new original content perfectly tailored to the viral, shortform, fourth-wall-breaking nature of online video, the Muppets know exactly what they’re doing on YouTube — despite Statler’s and Waldorf’s constant assertions to the contrary. Apparently, old frogs can learn new tricks.

Joel Comm Appeals to Steve Jobs for iPhone App Approval

Love him or hate him, Internet marketer Joel Comm has been bringing us fun stuff decade after decade. In 1996, he founded the company that Yahoo bought and turned into Yahoo Games. At the end of 2008, he released iFart Mobile, which spent three weeks at the top of the iPhone app charts.

That’s why Apple CEO Steve Jobs should listen to Joel when he vents his frustration over the rejection of his latest iPhone app — especially when the app store carries so many other applications with similar functionalities.

Joel’s appeal should help remind Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller that, contrary to his deluded claims, developers are not happy with the arbitrary and opaque iPhone store approval process.

Nokia X6 Comes with Music Ships, Nobody Notices

NOKIA X6 Landscape7 sim 1 490x367 Nokia X6 Comes with Music Ships, Nobody Notices

It must be because of Thanksgiving in the U.S. and everybody in tech world are spending some time with their family (Happy Thanksgiving to all friends in the US, by the way) that nobody seemed to have noticed Nokia’s announcement about the release of another one of its flagship mobile device – the Nokia X6. It’s supposed to be a big deal, after all the Nokia X6 is not just your ordinary run-of-the-mill Nokia phone.

Anyway, in case you’re interested to know, the Nokia X6 is a powerful music phone brandishing of unlimited access to million of music tracks – all coming from the Nokia Music Store.  That means you can download exclusive content either directly onto the device or to your PC. [Read more...]

Google New Search Experiment, Voice Search in Times Square

droid 1 Google New Search Experiment, Voice Search in Times Square

If you are anywhere in Times Square  on Black Friday, perhaps after long hours of digging through those electronic stores in search of the best Black Friday deal, you might want to check Google’s latest search experiment – Google search by voice.

Nope you don’t need a web browser to do your search. All you need to do is call 888-376-4336 and say whatever it is that you want to search for and then look up ahead, particularly on large display screen that usually occupies the Reuters and NASDAQ sign. After Google’s local search algorithms do its work, local search results to your query will be displayed right on that giant display screen. [Read more...]