Hulu Streams New Years 2010 Countdown, Watch the Ball Drop Online

If you’re in the U.S., you’re probably busy right now preparing for the New Year’s countdown.  Either you’re on your way to Times Square to witness the annual midnight ball drop or you’re at home preferring to watch the ball drop online.

If you’re at home and you have a Hulu account, you can watch it through Hulu’s live stream of  Times Square New Year’s Eve 2010. You can even grab the embed code for the live stream and put it in your blog/site (like we did).

Hulu is hosting the live stream direct from Times Square from 10 p.m. EST to 12:15 a.m. EST. Hulu’s coverage will include views of Times Square and the crystal ball dropping plus ambient sounds from the “crossroads of the world.”

And here’s a brief instruction from Hulu, in case you’re watching the ball drop online from their site:

When the live feed begins Thursday night, you’ll be able to access the festivities from Hulu’s home page (we’ll provide a direct link) or from our Spotlight; section (just click on the “explore” button beneath the section related to Times Square 2010 to launch a pop-out window).

If you’d rather watch the ball drop online from other sites, check out Search Engine Journal’s post on some other places where you can watch the ball drop online.

With that, we would like to greet you all a Happy New Year!

GroundMap Aggregates Social Media Streams via GeoTagging

The GroundMap Application Demo from Eric Bieller on Vimeo.

We’ve seen various startups tried aggregating various social media streams such as tweets and Facebook updates. But none of them have utilized the power of geotagging. Until now, with new startup GroundMap and its new social media platform.

The idea is pretty simple and yet could be powerful. GroundMap lets you bucket geotagged social media streams and by that we mean all types of streams and not just tweets or reviews like what others are doing.

So, GroundMap lets you add PDF documents, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Scribd documents, Google Maps, as well as Twitter and Facebook updates, under a particular geotag. All these streams become searchable on GroundMap by their locations or geotags and the platform presents it in a timeline format called GroundMap activity stream.

In addition, you can also search for activity streams using the tag cloud on GroundMap’s main page. It also allows you to add location which are not yet in the tag cloud. Once other users starts using the geotag, it’s appearance in the GrooundMap tag cloud increases in size – meaning the more relevant the tag has become.

While GroundMap’s concept may not be ground breaking as other services might have featured it before, what makes it different from the rest is its ability to give you different sources of social media under one tag.

GroundMap is a pretty useful online tool.  It’s like other social bookmarking and recommendation sites such as Digg and Delicious done in a new way.

Check out the video demo for a more detailed explanation of GroundMap’s features.

Productivity App Evernote Reaches the 2 Million Mark, Thanks to iPhone

You know Evernote? That very useful multi-platform productivity app that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, BlackBerry smartphones and of course iPhone and iPod Touch? I’m pretty sure that if you’re not using it right now, you’ve probably heard about it before. Well, guess what? Evernote just reached the 2 million user  mark. Aren’t we excited?  By all means we are.

I personally like Evernote’s iPhone app. It was the first productivity app that I used on my iPhone, although I could not say that I have become more productive since I started using it.  But still, it has helped me remember things that I would  otherwise forget if I didn’t use the app.

Anyway, going back to Evernote’s recent achievement, the official Evernote blog says that they wouldn’t have achieved the 2 million user mark if not for the big push in usage given by both Android and iPhone apps.  But looking at the given stats, it seems that Evernote has to thank only the iPhone since more than 1M users used the Evernote iPhone app. While Android could only give 26K+ users.

Evernote for Windows follow the iPhone app in terms of usage with more 600K people who used it, followed by the Evernote web app.

Here’s a breakdown of  Evernote’s usage stat, in case you’re curious to know.

  • 2,062,015 total Evernote users
  • 1,005,048 iPhone app users
  • 623,900 Windows users
  • 604,480 web app users
  • 342,620 Mac users
  • 90,972 Palm Pre users
  • 80,890 Windows Mobile users
  • 78,406  BlackBerry users
  • 29,861 Android users

If you haven’t used Evernote, now is probably a good time to start using it. Who knows? – It might help you be more productive in 2010.

120 Years of National Geographic Captured in One Hard Disk

Screen shot 2009 12 30 at 11.21.16 PM 490x327 120 Years of National Geographic Captured in One Hard Disk

Fans of the National Geographic franchise will surely love to have this special hard drive. Yes, folks a 160GB Hard Drive containing all 120 years of National Geographic’s amazing discoveries, high-quality maps and photographies.  It’s the full National Geographic magazine’s collection reproduced in digitally stunning and high-resolution format.

Every library should have this in their collection as it will definitely add to the versatility of library services. The Complete National Geographic features an nice interface to make it easy and fun to explore topics, search photographs, browse maps or to simply discover things that you failed to read or watch on National Geographic TV.

The National Geographic  is housed on a 3″x5″ highly portable hard drive that requires only a USB port to connect to your PC. To make it worthy of the price you will have to pay for it, the National Geographic HD has around 100GB of free space to accomodate future updates or to be used for personal purposes.

Sounds good? But how much does it cost? – $199.99. Ok, now that may be a bit pricey compared to your regular 160GB portable hard drive. But hey, those hard drives don’t contain the National Geographic.  So, the price is definitely worth the information contain in the National Geographic HD.

Now is the time to check out National Geographic’s online site. If you’re not from the U.S. or Canada, National Geographic unfortunately doesn’t  ship outside of these two countries. So you’re best bet would to ask somebody to buy the National Geographic HD for you.

Google to Hold Big Android Press Event on Jan. 5

googleandroidpressinvite 490x572 Google to Hold Big Android Press Event on Jan. 5

Alright folks, this is it. The rumors, info leaks, and increasing anticipation over Google’s own mobile phone, tentatively named “Nexus One” maybe finally come to an end. Google was reportedly sending out invitation to media for “an Android press gathering.”

And then the invitation also mentioned something about the first Android-powered device that was launched last year, obviously referring to the HTC Android phone as just the beginning of what’s possible.

With the growing anticipation over what was previously reported that Google was handing out the Google Phone to its employees for testing, the said invitation could only confirm one thing – the Google Phone, or Nexus One may be opt for launch during the said Android event.

Adding excitement to this Android event was TMoNews’ reporting that T-Mobile will be supporting the new Google Phone.  By support meaning – billing, coverage, features and rate plans. T-Mobile will not be dealing with technical and troubleshooting support as this will be handled directly by Google and HTC.

So, there. Something to watch out for as early as the first few days of 2010. Thank you Google for ushering in a more exciting tech scene for the new year. Can’t wait to find out what Google has in store for Nexus One.

“Welcome to Mac” Docu Film to be Aired on CNBC

If you haven’t had the chance to watch the independently produced documentary “Welcome to Macintosh”, mark your calendar on January 4 as CNBC is about to bring this docu film to the American Television.  The airing starts at 9:30PM ET during the show “First in Business Worldwide.”

According to the documentary’s co-director Rob Roca, airing their film on CNBC is like finding a perfect home for them.

We took the people and the passion felt for Apple seriously, and CNBC provides the ideal venue for informative and entertaining content to be presented.

Josh Rizzo, the other co-director said that this is perfect opportunity to share what they have been evangelizing about in the film – explain why so many people love the Macintosh in a way that even those who have never used a computer will understand and appreciate the Mac’s value.

While watching the teaser, I couldn’t help but admire the tenacity by which the film was created.  No wonder, even Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder couldn’t help but admire it and calls it one of the best independent film he has seen by far, when the film was screened during the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

The film has been going around various Macintosh User Groups globally as well as in several film festivals but this is the first time that it will be shown on national television.

Let’s see whether the film will successfully bring more Mac converts into the fold.

The Top Stories at Digg Visualized via 365

Screen shot 2009 12 29 at 6.36.50 PM 490x263 The Top Stories at Digg Visualized via 365

It was certainly a busy year for Digg as it struggles to stay relevant in 2009 with Facebook and Twitter getting too much attention in the social media scene. But with the year coming to a close, one thing is for sure – Diggers were still alive and kicking all through out the year.

Digg’s user base increased to 40 million in 2009. Meaning more people are digging stories and making sure that intriguing stories get into the Digg headlines. And there were several enhancements as well on the social bookmarking site including integration with Facebook Connect, the launch of DiggBar, Digg Ads, Digg Trends as well as the revamped Digg search engine.

To help us in visualizing the top stories that made it into Digg’s front page, has launched a cool, interactive visualization tool that showcase the top stories at Digg in 2009.  You can check out the top stories on daily and monthly basis. The top headlines were given plus the number of Diggs those headlines received.

Clicking on each of the entries will bring you to the actual front page when the entries made it to Digg’s front page.

Go check out Digg 365 and be awed by this visualization tool. In case you’re interested to know, here are the top 5 stories at Digg in 2009:

Web-Based Media Player Muziic Lets You Play and Organize YouTube and Vevo Music

Screen shot 2009 12 29 at 7.55.15 AM 490x284 Web Based Media Player Muziic Lets You Play and Organize YouTube and Vevo Music

Say goodbye to pesky and obtrusive ads whenever you want to listen to free songs featured on music videos on YouTube. Likewise, say goodbye to those annoying country-specific restrictions that renders most songs practically un-streamable if you live in Timbuktu. Thanks to new site Muziic you can now enjoy those two benefits brought by the free Internet.

First started as a Windows application, Muziic then lets you organize and manage music collections from songs featured on YouTube videos. Think of it as the Windows iTunes for YouTube, that also lets you rip mp3s to YouTube.

To make its service more relevant, Muziic recently launched a web-based media player. And while they were at it, they brought along music video start-up Vevo which went public recently.

So, what do this bring us, free music loving Internet citizens?  Free songs, as in millions of them with accompanying videos to boot.

And then what else? Muziic also lets you register on the site so that you can create your music playlist. It has a very efficient search engine which offers direct song access similar to iTunes does. For those who couldn’t live without sharing things with their friends to social networks, Muziic also just recently rolled out a Facebook app. How about an iPhone app? Not yet but it’s coming pretty soon, I hope.

An online service as good as this is not without a glitch of course. For one thing, Muziic removes country-restriction to video contents from Vevo. While this may seem ok for now, Vevo is said to be looking at it right now. Hopefully, they won’t do something to spoil Muziic’s party.

Via Wired

Apple Fanboys Rap, They’re on a Mac

Here’s another one for all you Mac fanboys out there. Ending the year right with another love-my-Mac, PC-bashing video created by the Apple fan boys at Switch to Mac.  Ok, I admit I actually enjoyed the clip even though I’ve never heard of the rap song “I’m on a boat” which I believe these guys spoofed so well.

Just set aside some hard-hitting curses and the presence of the Asian women in skimpy swimsuit doing some sleazy moves, and I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate if not enjoy  the video. That is of course if you’re on a Mac and not on aPC.  Yes, we’re on a Mac and we all know what the PC guys are missing – no viruses, no drivers, 64-bit goodness, 8-core what-have-yous.

I wonder if the slander on Microsoft Zune and Mr. Gates’ exploding head are enough reasons for Microsoft to hit back on these guys with a law suit? Well, I guess if that happens, the guys were asking for it.

Now, excuse me. I’ve got to check my box of cereal to see if there’s a MacBook White inside. My friend PC Pain certainly needs it.

Yes, folks like these guys – I’m on a Mac.

In case you’re interested to know, these guys are the same Apple fan boys responsible for the “Mac or PC” video that went viral also this year.


Flurry Report: More iPod Touch Download than iPhone During Christmas

iPod v iPhone 489x283 Flurry Report: More iPod Touch Download than iPhone During Christmas

Some interesting report here by mobile analytics company, Flurry Analytics.  According to their early Christmas data on Apps Store downloads, more iPod owners have download apps during Christmas day than iPhone owners. iPod Touch downloads increased by 1,000%  compared to other days.

So, what can we deduced from this findings?  Perhaps, the iPod Touch is also one of the most gifted item during Christmas Day aside from the Amazon Kindle?

Aside from this, the iTunes Apps Store alone made a 51% increase in downloads from November to December. And even more interesting is the fact that the iPod Touch downloads are now greater than iPhone apps download during Christmas Days. Well, of course this is quite understandable considering that it would be more practical to give the iPod Touch as a Christmas gift than the iPhone.

So, what happens to the Droid during Christmas Day? Fortunately, it has somehow managed to get a good piece of the pie. Flurry also reported that Motorola’s Droid managed to get 49% of all Android Apps that were sold on Christmas Day. This should give Google a boost on confidence knowing that there are actually people downloading and using Android Apps. It is very important for Google to gauge the Android Market’s performance, especially with the rumored launch of the Google Nexus One anytime next year.

Unfortunately for Android, the data on apps downloaded from the Android market is still far inferior with that of the Apps Store.

The Android folks have a lot of catching up to do, if they want the Android market to compete with the Apps Store. It would be interesting to know how things will change once the Nexus One is released.