9rules sells up to Splashpress Media

 9rules sells up to Splashpress MediaIn a post titled 9rules welcomes its new overlords, Paul Scrivens has announced that the network has been sold to Splashpress Media (owner of 901am):

Over the past couple of months the Triad has been considering what to do with 9rules. If you have followed us over the years you know that we have no problems making big changes to our site and community with the chance of making it better. However, we came to the point where the ideas stopped flowing and we were stuck.

…we have decided to reach out to a company that knows a thing or two about blogs and could bring in a fresh new team of talent to take 9rules even further. Enter Splashpress Media. Why Splashpress? Because not only do they have the people that have a passion for publishing online content, but they also have the resources to make things happen without being too large as to forget the core of what makes 9rules special, the community.

Comments on that blog entry were closed and the Twitterati are rather quiet on the acquisition at present. Darren Rowse suggests that 9rules and SPM are a bizarre match. We’ll see what happens, but it’s a match indeed.

Here’s Blog Herald’s coverage.

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  1. That’s the end of 9Rules because the company was only very good because of the triad. Without the triad, I am sure that 9Rules will fail. Just watch how the site will degrade in the coming months.

  2. Andy Merrett says:

    Right, so it has nothing to do with the content producers of the hundreds of sites linked in?

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