AdDogs goes live

addogs 300x193  AdDogs goes liveAdDogs announced that it is now open for business with more than 9,000 newspapers, trade publications, magazines and web advertising opportunities available for the Advertiser to create and buy advertising. With an initial focus on 25 states, the media available through AdDogs cover an audience in excess of 180,000,000.

AdDogs is a new patent-pending, on-line service and is the first advertising technology platform designed to use the internet to make the process of finding target markets, choosing media serving those markets, ad creation and ad placement into a seamless integrated process.

AdDogs allows an advertiser to create or upload an ad, search geographically and demographically for target audiences, and choose media for placement using flexible search criteria. With the target market defined, the system either guides the advertiser through an ad building process using the experience of seasoned ad agency talent designed into AdDogs, or allows the advertiser to upload a custom advertisement, created specifically to fit a media product for placement through AdDogs. Advertisements created in AdDogs will be automatically resized by the AdDogs technology for insertion in multiple media, each time adjusting the ad to show the advertiser exactly how it will appear in the target media. All ads created and placed through AdDogs will be stored and available to the advertiser for future use.

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  1. Wow, I have been looking for something that could do this. This is a great tool for marketing. Thank you for introducing it to me.

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