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Bing Colludes with Newspapers

BingUnable to compete with Google in terms of search quality, Microsoft Bing continues to try and buy its way into the search game. On the user side, they’ve got their Cashback program. Now, on the publisher side, they’re offering newspapers “premium placement” in their search results, in exchange for blocking Google with a proprietary extension to the robots.txt protocol (whose development will also be funded by Microsoft).

This is cross-industry anticompetitive collusion at its finest. Instead of revolutionizing the media landscape with better search, Bing seeks to prop up dying old media through biased search. Amazing how Microsoft is willing to break their own search engine just to satisfy their vendetta against Google.

Wonder how the Bing development team feels about this. All their efforts to create a better search product are now being tossed aside to give dead tree media a handjob.

The question now is this: will people fall for Bing’s broken biased search, or will they continue to google what really matters to them in an ocean of infinite media choice?

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