Coming soon: Pay per Tweet, then Pay per Facebook status update

IZEA, of PayPerPost fame, is preparing the launch of PayPerTweet according to AdWeek. Twitter users will get paid based on a flat fee pro tweet or depending on the amount of clicks they get. Users will be required to disclose sponsored tweets with the hashtag #spon.

When the platforms launches, launch is expected next week, we can prepare for a new shitstorm in a glass about advertising and disclosure and daring to make a quick buck from an online profile.

That said, if the Twitter team agrees with this advertising concept, possibilities for IZEA are big and one can only wonder why Twitter didn’t come up with this. IZEA could go big here and catch the eyeballs of bigger brands all while also linking up with big media companies, who have automated their twitter feed. Since the celebrity invasion of Twitter there are less media feeds in the Twitter Top 100, but many news corporations have more than 100.000 followers, both main stream media or new media. The reason why these feeds are the most appropriate ones to advertise on are simple:

  1. Followers are used to click on links in their tweets
  2. Many of these feeds are really popular
  3. Lots of automated feeds have a high number of daily tweets, one sponsored tweet would not stand out in the sea of updates
  4. Many news companies are facing financial problems. The NYTimes has more than 1 million followers to trick in to clicking and even more financial problems
  5. Many followers do not know what hashtags are, let alone what #spon means
  6. Most media companies do not care about the antics of Michael Arrington and other pro-ethics bloggers. Money speaks.

More than PayPerPost this could become a big earner for the IZEA team.

Here at 901am we also advise you to keep your eyes open for the next big plan of IZEA: PayPerFacebookStatusUpdate. ;)

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