Dolly Parton Promotes IE8, What Say You Kenny?

Yeah Mama! She’s one of the most popular singer who is now a mega-millionaire, thanks to her golden singing voice – Dolly Parton. And look what she’s up to now, endorsing Internet Explorer 8, the latest money-making venture from one of the richest company ever known to mankind. Worst, she’s promoting it on YouTube, one web giant’s online property which is struggling to make millions until now. There’s got to be some conspiracy here.The YouTube is short, runs only for 1 minute (goodie!) So you wouldn’t really mind checking it out from start to finish and hear/watch Dolly say how much she’s a “huge fan of computers.” Dear old Dolly also claims that Microsoft told her about web slices and how she can benefit from it but she has to use IE8. See? I told you I watched it from start to finish.

Anyway, go check it out. And if you’re a friend of Dolly or you know any of her friends, you might want to let her know about Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and how both these browsers loads pages faster than she talks.

If only Mr. Kenny will promote either Firefox or Chrome – that would be fun!

Via ReadWriteWeb

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